Department of Human Services

Family Re-Housing Stabilization Program

Lease Up Documents

The documents listed below are submitted from within the document. To submit documents not listed below, please click HERE .




Landlord Packet Check List

A check list of all necessary documents for lease up.

Direct Deposit Enrollment Form

A form to enroll in direct deposit payments



Payee Information Form

A form specifying where payments should be sent.

Utility Information Form

A form indicating your unit’s utility information.

Property Insurance Verification Form

A form verifying your property insurance information.

Landlord Pre-Inspection Check List

A form detailing the common things DCHA looks at during inspections.

Lead Disclosure Form

A form to disclose any lead that may be in your unit.

Security Deposit Return Agreement

A form about security deposit return.

Payment Reconciliation Agreement

A payment reconciliation agreement.

Landlord Partnership Fund Registration

A Landlord Partnership Fund Registration Form.

Landlord Leasing Document Checklist

Please notes all documents on this list must be returned for your packet to be validated.

Complete Landlord Leasing Packet

An all-in-one  pdf of all needed leasing documents.


HAP Contract

Please fill out the HAP contract if you are interested in enrolling in the Rental Partnership Initiative